Gina Carano Reportedly Asked Disney To Bring Her Back After She Was Fired

Gina Carano

You don’t have to agree with Gina Carano‘s personal and political opinions to admit that the actress certainly isn’t shy in standing up for what she believes in, even if it ends up costing her the highest-profile role of her acting career to date. After all, you don’t build your reputation as a professional MMA fighter without having thick skin, and the army of social media users repeatedly demanding she be fired from The Mandalorian before they got their wish definitely wouldn’t say the things they posted online to her face, for fear of being broken in half.

Now that Cara Dune is no more, though, the actress isn’t wasting any time in moving onto pastures new, almost instantly setting up shop at The Daily Wire to develop, produce and star in a new movie, one which is clearly going to be designed and catered to the specific demographic that feel she’s been victimized by the Disney brass, although there are just as many folks glad to see the back of her.

While it’s safe to say that she’ll never be seen in the Star Wars universe again, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the 38 year-old asked the Mouse House to bring her back after she was fired, which hardly sounds like the confrontational and combative Carno that rubbed so many people the wrong way on Twitter and Instagram. In fact, given how quickly she appeared to move on, dropping hints about an alleged bullying culture on the way out for good measure, it’s difficult to imagine such a strong personality pleading with the boardroom for a second chance.

That being said, all we know for sure at this stage is that Gina Carano crossed a line from which there was no coming back, and no doubt one day in the not too distant future, we’ll find out the exact details of how it all went down.