Gina Carano Reportedly Working On Building Her Own Franchise

Gina Carano

While Disney’s handling of Star Wars hasn’t exactly been without its controversies and letdowns, no one can deny that The Mandalorian is a smashing success and widely beloved by both fans and critics. But even that’s not squeaky clean anymore.

Indeed, while the show appeared to be untouchable within the divisive fanbase, it now seems that Gina Carano’s dismissal will haunt Jon Favreau’s series for years to come. Obviously, not everyone agrees with Disney letting her go and it doesn’t look like the online firestorm will be dying down anytime soon. Especially since Carano keeps on fuelling it.

Shortly after being let go, she announced plans to team up with Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire to produce and star in a new movie, while she’s surely got several other projects brewing in development, too. Though we imagine they’re not housed at any major studios, given that she’s been all but blacklisted in Hollywood. But that’s not going to stop her from continuing to make herself heard and according to a new report, she’s even working on building her own franchise to headline.

Tipster Daniel Richtman has taken to his Patreon account today to share that he’s heard the actress is trying to “build a franchise” of her own with the support of “right wing” people. It’s unclear if this would be for television or film, or if it’s connected to the aforementioned Daily Wire project. And unfortunately, Richtman doesn’t offer anything further.

Still, it’s clear that Gina Carano isn’t just going to quietly fade away, never to be seen on our screens again. Like we said above, it’s unlikely she’ll be in any major studio efforts – at least for a while – but there are still plenty of folks out there willing to work and collaborate with her.