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Gina Carano Still Thinks Mask-Wearing Is Tyranny

Gina Carano continues her pro-virus propaganda by implying mask-wearing rules are tyranny and says Australia needs to be free.

After being fired by Disney, Gina Carano has seemingly settled into her new role as a right-wing conspiracist. She’s posted memes on Twitter saying that getting COVID-19 vaccination means losing your freedom, spread a lot of pro-virus takes, and is now saying that enforcing mask regulations is “tyrannical rule”.

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She posted this in response to an unsourced video from anti-mask commentator Rita Panahi. She bills it as showing a Melbourne man being arrested for no reason other than that he wasn’t wearing a face mask. We have no context for what was happening before the video begins, but Carano has jumped on it and demanded that they #FreeAustralia:

Even her self-described fans sounded a note of warning about sounding off on this:


I guess it’s understandable why Carano fights so hard for “freedom”. After all, she sacrificed her acting career and millions of dollars for the freedom to post dumb stuff on the internet.

Since her firing, the former The Mandalorian star has announced plans to make a “Star Wars-like” movie with Ben Shapiro designed to fight “leftist causes”, though there’s no sign of this actually happening. Carano’s history of unquestionably repeating pro-virus/antivax propaganda may be a step too far even for Shapiro, who at least tries to maintain an aura of logical respectability and said “get the vaccine, dopes” in a tweet praising its efficacy.

So where next for Gina Carano? She appears to be well on her way to being sucked into the QAnon whirlpool and losing her mind completely.