Gina Carano Stuns Internet In Fiery Photo

Another day, another Gina Carano story. Whatever you think about her, Carano sure does have a way of staying in the spotlight, whether it’s for getting fired from The Mandalorian, retweeting anti-vax memes, or sharing the love with a former costar.

It’s always something provocative with Carano and her latest post is no different. Carano took to Twitter to share a silhouetted photo of herself in front of a fire in what looks like a prairie or western setting.

She’s wearing a translucent red dress that’s showing her legs underneath. She posted the photo with no caption.

Take a look.

The photo drew a variety of reactions on Twitter. One user posted a meme of Grogu (The Child from The Mandalorian) in front of flames. Another user said “You’re one of the most gorgeous women on the planet hands down.”

Many of the replies were positive, just like the latter one.

Carano is currently filming a movie called Terror on the Prairie with Nick Searcy. Because the movie is non-union, it doesn’t have to follow COVID-19 protocols and won’t impinge on Carano’s anti-vax beliefs.

The movie is being funded by The Daily Wire, a conservative news website founded by right wing commentator Ben Shapiro.

It’s described as a movie about a “pioneering family that fights back against a gang of vicious outlaws that is terrorizing them on their newly built farm on the plains of Montana.”

The movie also probably won’t make it to theaters, but with Carano on board it will at least make some news.

Gina Carano is aware that she’s shooting a low-budget western, but that hasn’t stopped her from being her regular irreverent self.

She recently appeared on Searcy’s Twitter page with her middle finger in the air and the caption “Cancel this.”