Gina Carano’s Hollywood Career Is Reportedly Pretty Much Over Now

Gina Carano

Proving that no side ever truly wins, Disney and Lucasfilm firing Gina Carano from The Mandalorian has only served to open up a can of social media worms. The ire of the actress’ supporters was almost instantly turned in the direction of leading man Pedro Pascal, who had always been a vocal ally of his co-star, while those who had constantly blasted the studio for keeping her on board in the face of her Twitter activity celebrated what they deemed a great victory.

No matter the reasons, being dropped as an integral supporting character in the most popular show on TV on the planet is a massive blow to Carano’s career, and the very public nature of it all means that trying to ascend back up the Hollywood ladder is going to be difficult, at least for a while until the dust blows over, as it typically tends to do in the majority of these situations.

It remains to be seen where she’ll go from here, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the 38 year-old has been blacklisted in the industry and her career in Tinseltown is “pretty much over,” although you can’t deny that in the past we’ve seen people come back from a lot worse. Mel Gibson’s well-publicized anti-Semitic and racist tirades had many folks writing him off entirely, but he wound up nominated for the Best Director and Best Picture Academy Awards for Hacksaw Ridge, while he’s been more prolific than he has for decades in front of the camera, with Lethal Weapon 5 also in the works.

Of course, Richtman previously reported that Shia LaBeouf and Armie Hammer would also be exiled completely, but we’ve yet to see how that plays out, with the same remaining true for Gina Carano. In any case, it wasn’t as though she was a huge A-list star in the first place, and there’s no doubt going to be plenty of work for her in the VOD action thriller market coming up to cash in on the popularity of The Mandalorian and her surge in recognition.