Gina Carano’s social media footprint hasn’t shrunk, despite all the bad takes

Infamous former Mandalorian star Gina Carano has continued her crusade against science and common sense, this time with a brand new image macro shared to her 983,000 Twitter followers.

Gina Carano has made herself one of 2021’s ongoing memes, with her staunch beliefs consistently proven to be both non-scientific or just dangerously stupid. And after being sacked by Disney (and Universal), she’s been truly let loose with no real repercussions.

Her latest tweet features an image macro / meme which gives NFTs a run for their money as horrible art, does a fantastic job of fear-mongering.

But the biggest question is not really about the said tweet, it’s about her audience. Have her extreme and unbalanced views helped or hindered her following on Twitter during 2021? When she posts something does she lose followers? Is she on a downward spiral, or is the stark-raving mad posting increasing her fanbase?

According to SocialBlade, here’s what we know. After Lucasfilm had announce her dismissal from The Mandalorian series, she gained a whopping 298,000 followers with “freedom lovers” coming out of the woodwork to support the actress.

On a normal given day since January 2021, with no posts on her Twitter, she tends to gain a small amount of followers — usually from 100-1000. On days where she posts photos from her personal life or non-offensive memes, it’s roughly the same. Carano’s daily average over the last seven days is +301 followers per day, and a monthly average of +9000 followers from the last month.

However, on days where she has retweeted anti-lockdown, COVID conspiracy theories, or general gibberish, she loses followers. On December 14, Carano retweeted various bits of nonsense including misinformation about COVID deaths as well as sharing what she was reading (bad news for Dr. Anthony Fauci).

Carano retweeting videos of anti-vaccination riots in Germany

The loss of followers is short-lived, however, with Carano regaining the following within a day or two. On December 14 when she posted three different COVID and lockdown conspiracy theory content, she only lost net 60 followers.

Her most recent tweet has so far seen her gain back as many followers as she loses.

Gina Carano’s last seven days on Twitter. Image: Socialblade

This shows despite her widespread mockery in greater pop culture, Carano remains a powerful voice. It could partially be down to the way social media algorithms favour content on the extremes, as well as the advent of hate-following accounts on social media.

Carano is signed on to star in a likely defamatory biopic of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, called My Son Hunter. The mixed martial artist will play a secret services agent in what is expected to be a highly controversial film.