Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Explains Who Really Won The Fight

Godzilla vs. Kong

In the buildup to the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, director Adam Wingard said that a definitive winner would be named. However, by the time the dust had settled on the smoldering ruins of Hong Kong by the end of the climactic third act showdown, no such conclusion had been reached.

If anything, it was a little bit of a cop out after the titular Titans quickly put their differences to one side in order to team up against the shared threat of Mechagodzilla, gaining a grudging respect for one another in the process. As the credits rolled, Godzilla had slunk back into the ocean and Kong stood tall on dry land, with both iconic monsters living to fight another day.

Obviously, Warner Bros. and Legendary weren’t going to kill off either of the MonsterVerse’s main selling points, especially when the crossover is poised to sail past $400 million at the box office this weekend and eventually overtake Bad Boys for Life‘s $426 million haul to become the highest-grossing Hollywood blockbuster released since the beginning of 2020.

During a recent Reddit, though, AMA Wingard sought to clear up the debate once and for all, even if he did contradict himself slightly by naming both of them victorious in different ways.

“Godzilla def won. He killed Kong. Kong was revived. I consider the Mecha battle was outside of that. As they say: Godzilla won the fight, Kong won the movie.”

Fans have been debating who won ever since Godzilla vs. Kong hit theaters and HBO Max almost a month ago, so the director of the movie was never going to draw a line under the argument by nailing down a clear victor, especially when the huge success of the film in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic has only made people more keen than ever to see the studio #ContinueTheMonsterVerse.