New Godzilla Vs. Kong Poster Teases An Underwater Battle

Godzilla vs. Kong

Adam Wingard’s upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong looks like the blockbuster equivalent of smashing your action figures into each other as a kid, which is meant as a compliment in this case. Nobody is going into the latest chapter of the MonsterVerse expecting to see intimate human drama, well-rounded characters and some weighty subtext reflecting on our current plight as a society, they just want effects-driven carnage on the biggest scale possible.

On that front, at the very least, the clash of the Titans is set to deliver and then some. Audiences are clearly desperate for mindless destruction and city-levelling carnage based on the first trailer scoring a record number of views for any Warner Bros. promo, while Godzilla vs. Kong also became the subject of the fourth-most liked preview in YouTube’s history.

Even the most recent footage did little else but deliver money shot after money shot without context, and it was still enough to generate huge buzz. Now, we have a new poster which teases an epic fight set to take place under the sea, and you can check it out down below.

This could merely be an innocuous marketing image used to drum up some extra hype, but it might also be a hint of where the seafaring scrap between the two title monsters will end up. After all, Kong isn’t renowned for his swimming capabilities and Godzilla looks poised to cleave his simian counterpart’s preferred mode of transport clean in half, so it looks as though Godzilla vs. Kong will be sending the iconic kaiju to the briny depths as they engage in what promises to be the first of many battles for supremacy.