Godzilla Vs. Kong Theory Says Skull Island May Be Home To All Of The Titans

Godzilla vs. Kong

The franchise may have earned almost $1.5 billion at the box office after just three installments, but Godzilla vs. Kong is shaping up to be the movie that could make or break the entire MonsterVerse, which adds even more pressure onto a mega-budget blockbuster that’s already undergone extensive reshoots and suffered several delays.

Most of the information we’ve gotten regarding the epic monster mash seems to have come from the tie-in merchandise, with the creative team still keeping their cards close to the chest when it comes to revealing plot details. Star Eiza Gonzalez hinted that Godzilla vs. Kong will tell a more relatable human story this time around, and while it would be a marked improvement for the MonsterVerse to feature some interesting characters for a change, most people will be buying a ticket based entirely on watching two of cinema’s most iconic monsters battling for supremacy.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters looked to set up a return to Skull Island as Monarch continued their quest to uncover the history of the Titans, and now a new theory making the rounds claims that Kong’s home could turn out to be the point of origin for the entire species, and not just the giant ape himself. According to the theory, Skull Island could be revealed as the MonsterVerse’s version of Monster Island, a pretty self-explanatory place that all of the Toho franchise’s famous creatures called home.

As ScreenRant explains:

A large number of Titans may have occupied both the surface of the island and the Hollow Earth beneath it at one point in time. If that were true, then that could be the reason why Godzilla had an encounter with one of Kong’s ancestors. Supposing that the Titans did originate from one place, there would have to be explanation for why they drifted apart over time. It could be that they became separated as result of the human-Titan war.

It was said that humans were left scattered, so it seems plausible that it had a similar impact on the Titans. That being said, Godzilla vs. Kong could reveal that not all of Skull Island’s Titans have gone far from their home. Godzilla toy leaks have spoiled the possible inclusion of a new MonsterVerse Titan called Nozuki. He – and possibly others – may have been lurking beneath Skull Island all this time.

With Godzilla vs. Kong set to feature both humans and Titans heading to Skull Island, as well as that post-credits scene that hinted Godzilla had previously battled one of Kong’s ancestors thousands of years in the past, we could be set for a convergence of massive proportions that could reignite the war between humans and Titans, as countless other kaiju surface from the Hollow Earth beneath the mysterious landmass.