GoldenEye Watch Party With Pierce Brosnan Happening This Sunday


Did you know it’s been 25 years since the release of GoldenEye? I know, I felt old reading that, too. With Daniel Craig’s last turn as James Bond, No Time to Die, delayed until November though, what better time to catch up on the 007 catalog than right now?

But if you plan on watching GoldenEye, save it until this Sunday, April 19th at 7 p.m. (BST), because star Pierce Brosnan will be participating in a watch party on social media with fans. The watchalong can be seen on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds for Esquire UK.

During the screening, Brosnan will provide commentary about his experience playing the character and the film as well as take questions from fans. If there’s something you’ve been dying to ask him, you can submit a question ahead of time through Esquire UK’s various social media accounts.

GoldenEye was the Irish actor’s first turn as Bond and it’s still the best of the four movies he starred in. It was sort of a rejuvenation of the franchise as well after 1989’s License to Kill underperformed at the box office. While many favor the OG, Sean Connery or Craig for his gritty take on the character, I’ve always held a soft spot for Brosnan. Sure, his four entries got progressively worse as they went along, but they’re still a fun re-watch. Particularly Die Another Day, which is by far the most ridiculous and over-the-top Bond movie since the Roger Moore days.


Of course, for as good as GoldenEye was, it’s probably overshadowed by the video game adaptation that came out two years later. One of the greatest first-person shooters ever made, it’s so popular that re-watching the movie is kind of a strange experience.

The actor will no doubt field a few video game questions, among other things, too, so if you want to interact with the star, set your calendars for this Sunday.