Watch: Ryan Reynolds Waives Speaking Fee To Raise Awareness For Charity

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a lot of things: a great actor, a social media laugh riot, owner of cellphone carrier company Mint Mobile and a great husband and father (we’re just making an assumption on that one, but it’s a relatively safe one). Moreover, we love him for how hard he lampoons Green Lantern and how he champions the awesome Deadpool movie franchise – even if the third installment is frustratingly stuck in development hell. But I do think his latest move is one that is truly deserving of praise, cementing his reputation as an all-around nice guy.

Reynolds has waived his $278 million speaker’s fee – his words, not ours! – and appeared in a video to raise awareness for The AbleGamers Charity organization. It’s also a pretty safe bet that his actual fee doesn’t amount to $278 million. has made it their mission to help gamers with disabilities find customized gaming setups that suit an individual’s needs and grants it to them through donor contributions. You can watch the full video below via the tweet, and as expected, Ryan Reynolds‘ endearing wit and humor is very much present and accounted for.

AbleGamers has been doing their part to help gamers around the world since 2004 by not only raising money but also creating these custom setups, which include modified controllers and even systems that don’t require physical inputs, like playing a game using only the eyes. According to the COO Steven Spohn, there are more than 46 million players with disabilities in America alone, and over 6 million in Canada.

If you’re looking to donate your time or money to help the cause, you can learn more about the organization through their website at