Why The Gothamverse Will Be Essential For Worlds Of DC


Worlds of DC is meant to symbolize a rebirth for DC films. After the departure of key figures at Warner Bros., this is now Walter Hamada’s playground. One vision, one direction. That’s how the studio plans to tackle DC’s superhero outings going forward.

Warner had previously stated that it meant to deemphasize the shared universe concept after Justice League, but it’ll still want to establish some rules and perimeters for its sandbox world. It can’t be a gung-ho approach, where rash decisions implicate other films down the line.

As such, we’ll see smaller universes being built, which will allow for continuity but also for filmmakers to understand the boundaries and extent of what they influence. Considering the importance of Batman to Warner Bros. and DC, you can bet that the Gothamverse will be a pillar of Worlds of DC.

Next year marks the 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader, and there are plans afoot to have it be a year-long celebration. Along with the party atmosphere, you can bet that there will be major announcements made about the Dark Knight’s next adventure(s) on the big screen.

While the chances of seeing Bats make an appearance in an actual film next year are slim, we do think some announcements will be made in relation to the Gothamverse – which will be crucial to the success of Worlds of DC going forward. And here’s why.