Grant Gustin Reportedly Still In Talks To Cameo In The Flash Movie

The Flash

The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” broke the mold when it came to DC crossovers, but The Flash movie looks set to go even bigger and better. With the benefit of a blockbuster budget behind it, the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo cinematic outing is due to see Barry Allen sprint through the multiverse, meaning various icons from across DC history will appear. Chief among them is Michael Keaton’s Batman, but there’s hope that the film won’t forget the TV event that walked so it could run.

Seeing as Ezra Miller turned up for a surprise cameo in “Crisis,” there’s always been the chance that the movie could return the favor and have TV’s Grant Gustin show up on the big screen. There’s been much speculation on this before now, of course, but we’ve yet to receive an official confirmation. According to insider Daniel Richtman, however, Gustin – who’s played Barry Allen in the Arrowverse since 2013 – is still apparently in talks to cameo.

Remember, Miller’s “Crisis” appearance was Warner Bros.’ idea, with the studio keen to use the TV event to connect the DCEU into the wider multiverse. DC chief Jim Lee has also confirmed that Miller’s Barry gets the idea to call himself the Flash after meeting Gustin’s version. That’s a pretty direct link between the Flash of two worlds, then, so the stage is set for a reunion between the two speedsters, just on a bigger scale this time.

Of course, there’s no end to the other DC icons rumored to also appear in The FlashPractically every Batman ever has been said to be joining Keaton and Ben Affleck in the flick, not to mention Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman (fresh off her Wonder Woman 1984 cameo) and two Supermen – Brandon Routh (makes sense) and Nicolas Cage (wait, what?). Shooting is due to begin in the UK this April, ahead of its release in November 2022, so we should get confirmation on some of these pretty soon.