A Great Pedro Pascal Movie Is Dominating Netflix This Week

Pedro Pascal

A great Pedro Pascal movie that only came out a few months ago is already getting a second wave of attention and is dominating Netflix once again. Robert Rodriguez’s latest family film, superhero adventure We Can Be Heroesarrived on the streaming giant in December 2020 and it proved to be an instant hit with audiences. And that’s still the case, as it’s back in the global Top 10 movies list this week.

As of this Wednesday, We Can Be Heroes is the fifth most popular film on Netflix on the planet, according to the latest league tables from FlixPatrol. If you’re not one of the millions who’ve already seen it, here’s a quick summary. The movie follows a bunch of superhero kids who have to save the world themselves when their parents are kidnapped by invading aliens. Pascal plays Marcus Moreno, the superpowered pops of protagonist Missy (YaYa Gosselin).

Priyanka Chopra Jones, Boyd Holbrook and Christian Slater are also amongst the starry cast. What’s more, Rodriguez established a kind of shared universe with this one, as characters from his 2005 effort, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, also appear (though Taylor Lautner elected not to return). Christopher McDonald likewise reprises his role as the President from Spy Kids 2. And due to its enormous success, the director has already announced that he’s busy working on a follow-up.

Of course, Rodriguez and Pascal collaborated on The Mandalorian season 2, which the former helmed an episode of. The Sin City filmmaker is set to spearhead spinoff series The Book of Boba Fett as well, hitting Disney Plus this December. Pedro Pascal, meanwhile, will suit up as Din Djarin again for season 3 of Jon Favreau’s aforementioned show, which starts shooting next month.