Groot Will Reportedly Turn Human In Thor: Love And Thunder

Baby Groot

Vin Diesel has one of the most instantly recognizable and distinctive voices in Hollywood, one that you’d need to spend a lifetime using gravel as mouthwash to try and emulate. The actor’s signature deep rumbling tones have seen him launch an unlikely career as a musical sensation during the increase in downtime he’s been forced to endure as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but his next major blockbuster starts shooting in a matter of weeks.

Thor: Love and Thunder marks the first occasion where one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s major superheroes has starred in a fourth solo movie, and Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder is bringing the Asgardians of the Galaxy along for the ride. It was Diesel who confirmed that the team would be showing up in Taika Waititi’s sequel, and the latest reports are claiming that the action icon will finally get to show his face in the world’s biggest franchise after a magical MacGuffin turns Groot into humanoid form.

Taking to his Patreon account earlier this week, insider Daniel Richtman shared the following:

Heard Vin himself shows up in person in Thor 4 via magic. Groot turns into human for a bit.

Thor: Love and Thunder will mark Diesel’s fifth outing as the character in the MCU, and sixth overall if you include his cameo in animated sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet, but so far he’s been largely restricted to the recording booth. The actor has stepped in to do some performance capture work in the past, but for the most part, he’s not been required on set anywhere near as much as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista.

If this latest addition to the rumor mill pans out, though, then the idea of the real Vin Diesel in Asgard repeating the same three words over and over again sounds fantastically bizarre, and would no doubt be hilarious given that it would see Taika Waititi handling a character developed by James Gunn, with both filmmakers known for their irreverent style.