James Gunn Reveals The Best MCU Character To Be Quarantined With


James Gunn, the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, has long been an engaged social media user, always looking to answer questions from the deepest corners of his follower base. And yesterday, he gave the answer to a question that’s been on everyone’s minds. If you had to be quarantined with any Marvel character, who would it be?

It’s a good answer. Jarvis is an omnipotent supercomputer who stands zero risk of getting infected, as well as being able to provide all your home living needs. Admittedly, having Jarvis at home might be predicated on living with Tony Stark, but seeing as the question specifies one character, not two, Gunn is going to have to integrate Jarvis into his apartment by himself.

What about alternative options, though? Well, Hawkeye would make a good stay-at-home dad/husband but that role may already be filled in your life – same goes for Captain America. Meanwhile, I suspect Thor, Iron Man and Spider-Man would all be high-maintenance and as far as contenders for best quarantine housemate go, I can’t think of an obvious answer to top Jarvis. Let’s move on to the follow-up question, then.

Having got the best hero (or character – I just realized the question didn’t state it had to be a hero) debate out of the way, I’ll ask you this. Who would be the worst Marvel character to get quarantined with? Star-Lord would obviously be useless, Groot a glorified spaniel, Rocket a complete nightmare. Come to think of it, none of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy would fit the bill (which is probably why he ignored them). But none of those answers match the Hulk for sheer unsuitability. Have fun with that one, Romanoff.