Hayley Atwell Teases Captain America Return

Phase 2 of Marvel’s cinematic universe is shaping up to be quite epic, and now Hayley Atwell, Captain America’s Peggy Carter, has told Bleeding Cool that she might return for the sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

As most people know by now, Steve Rogers awoke from a frozen, 70-year sleep at the end of Captain America, and then helped defeat Loki in The Avengers. Winter Soldier is expected to follow Steve’s struggle to fit into the modern world and his love interest, Peggy, has been revealed to still be alive. The question on people’s lips now is whether or not she will have a role to play in the sequel.

When asked about her return, Atwell didn’t spill much, but something tells us that she’ll be back.

“I can’t say yet because it hasn’t been officially released, and Marvel are very protective of their franchise,” says Atwell.

Peggy was an engaging character, and having her return would provide an opportunity for poignant scenes with the still-youthful superhero. However, the news that Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones, or Imogen Poots might play Peggy’s niece, Sharon, has me even more excited. The Marvel movies have a treasure trove of amazing characters from the comics, and Winter Soldier should utilize them effectively.