Halle Berry Speaks Out On If She’d Return As Catwoman In The Flash Movie


Halle Berry has revealed the one condition she would need to be met if she was ever to return as Catwoman. 2004’s Catwoman movie is one of the most notorious superhero flicks of all time, thanks to its brazen ignorance of DC Comics lore and just generally awfulness. Despite earning a Razzie for her performance, though, the film did no damage to Berry’s career and, getting on for 20 years later, she would be open to reprising the role.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the X-Men star was asked if she would ever return as Catwoman, maybe even in the upcoming The Flash movie, which will feature Michael Keaton coming back as his Batman. Berry briefly responded: “If I can direct it.” The star went on to explain that what she really regrets about the Pitof-directed effort is that she had no creative control over it, unlike her 2020 directorial debut, Bruise.

“I worked really hard to be a Catwoman. I learned Capoeira. Like, I did the work,” Berry said. “The disheartening part was I didn’t direct it, I didn’t produce it, nor did I write it. I was just the actress in it, right? But, for all these years I have carried, I think you know, the weight of that film and whatever success it had or didn’t have. Somehow it seemed like it was all my fault. But, it really wasn’t my fault. But, I’ve been carrying it. So, when that came up, it gave me a chance to sort of like stick it back.”

Halle Berry Catwoman

The Flash movie is a good shout for a potential place that could house a cameo from Berry as Catwoman, but clearly, it’s not very likely. It would be kind of wild, though, if DC decided to bring back one of its most controversial cinematic heroes alongside one of its most iconic, in Keaton’s Dark Knight. But with the multiverse being established in the Ezra Miller vehicle, maybe there’s the chance for Patience Phillips— remember, Berry didn’t play Selina Kyle in her movie—to appear in a sequel.

Catwoman follows meek artist Patience developing catlike powers once she’s resurrected by a messenger of the cat god Bast after she’s killed by cosmetic mogul Lauren Hedare (Sharon Stone), who’s launching a new skin cream with dangerous side effects. Berry previously blasted the film’s plot, bemoaning that she didn’t get to save the world like male heroes.

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