Halloween To Get 40th Anniversary Documentary Later This Year


Aside from the fact that we haven’t seen Michael Myers on the big screen since 2009, there seems to be a multitude of reasons why we’re greatly looking forward to the next Halloween movie. Granted, we could talk about this all day, but a few of them are how it’ll ignore everything but the events of the original film, and how it’ll be set in an alternate universe of sorts, somewhat changing the ending of John Carpenter’s eternal classic.

Coincidentally enough, this year also marks the 4oth anniversary of the timeless masterpiece. So, naturally, one would expect for wide-sweeping documentaries uncovering numerous factoids about the series to be in the works – and we’re certainly not ruling that out – though we’re quite pleased to learn that something like For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween is in the pipeline.

We say that because while documentaries catering to film franchises as a whole certainly do make for some awesome retrospectives, those focused specifically on one movie are capable of delving much deeper, and there’s a lot we can learn from them.

On that note, Bloody Films, who’ll be producing this, say the informative flick “is by fans and for the fans, chronicling why John Carpenter’s classic has stood the test of time,” and that it’s “bringing together some of the brightest voices from independent horror we will explore what makes the film so special. From the music, the mask to Michael Myers, everyone has their own take on Halloween, and why it is the blueprint for slasher horror and in our humble opinion, has never been bettered.”

While no concrete release date has been given, they aim to have it completed in time to coincide with the theatrical release of this fall’s Halloween reboot, so be sure to stay tuned for more.