Halloween Director Reveals The One Line In The Film That No One Hears


If you need another reason to be mad at noisy audience members, the new Halloween movie has a line that director David Gordon Green feels is frequently drowned out by the sound of spectators.

The moment comes near the end of the flick (so, minor spoilers to come) when Michael is about to head down to the basement to finish off Karen Nelson and her daughter Allyson. But while the killer has been led to believe that he’s dealing with a defenseless pair, Judy Greer’s character turns the tables when she blasts him with a rifle while cockily declaring, “Gotcha.”

Now that’s a line that people hear. In fact, the moment has proven so popular with filmgoers that they’re too busy cheering to catch the one-liner that follows from Laurie Strode, who emerges from the shadows saying, “Happy Halloween, Michael.”

Much like how a sitcom times its delivery around the laughs, Green’s film would’ve picked up on how the sound of cheering overwhelms the moment, but as the director told LA Times, the Laurie line was a last-minute addition to the final cut.

“I’ll tell you an interesting thing … it’s about editing and test screenings. Test screenings are beautiful because you can know how to move things around for those types of audience responses. But I’d never tested that line because I thought it was like, ‘Oh, is that too much?’ And then the last change we made in our picture cutting was to add that line back in. Then the result is that you don’t hear it because we put it in the wrong place. It’s got its own charm as obviously people will watch the movie in different environments without necessarily a ruckus. It’s in there.”

Of course, there are worse problems to have in your movie than one cherished moment overshadowing another, and it seems like the public is pretty happy with what they got, with the film already passing the $100 million mark at the box office within its first week of release.

At this rate, a sequel feels inevitable, but what’s less clear is if Greer or her onscreen mother Jamie Lee Curtis will be making a return. We await further details on that matter, but in the meantime, if the movie continues its successful run in theaters then Blumhouse Productions is in for a very Happy Halloween indeed.

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