‘Halloween Ends’ fans want to sic Michael Myers on whoever leaked alleged trailer early


A day ahead of what many have surmised is the release date for the trailer for Halloween Ends, fans are wishing Michael Myers would go after whoever is responsible for an alleged early leak of it. And that’s not just because of a reverence for embargo dates, but because the supposed leak is in a grotesque state as it is in the form of someone’s vertical-oriented cellphone video, recording the trailer as it is being projected onto a movie theater screen.

We won’t share the leaked trailer in this article, although the video is only a short snippet of presumably a longer trailer, in case you do not want to spoil it for yourself, but suffice it to say the fact that someone would have the nerve to post it online is ticking a lot of people off.

Just where did we get the idea that the trailer for Halloween Ends would drop on Wednesday? That speculation all originated from a cryptic-yet-telling Twitter post by the movie’s star, Jamie Lee Curtis. Take a look at the Tweet yourself and draw your own conclusions.

“🎃7/20,” the Everything Everywhere All at Once star wrote.

“If you are sharing leaks. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You waited MONTHS for this trailer just to spoil the experience for others and yourself. LESS THAN A DAY BEFORE RELEASE. F all of you sharing that bs,” a fan page wrote in a Tweet.

Another fan imagined a Multiverse of Madness type situation was occurring at a movie theater somewhere, in which “All the [Michael Myers] variants” were assembling to “beat the sh*t outta that employee that leaked” the trailer.

Another fan of the films could not understand why the leaker did not wait just a few more hours.

Another Twitter user seemed ready to slam their TV to the ground from the leak and we can’t blame them.

Others were simply trying to guess what might unfold in the upcoming slasher film, like perhaps Laurie Strode doing what she did in Halloween H20 and just decapitating The Shape once and for all.

Stay tuned Wednesday to see the inevitable new trailer for Halloween Ends and we advise you to go on a total social media blackout in the meantime if you don’t want it ruined early.