Everything You Need To Know About The Halloween Franchise

After nine years away from the screen, the Halloween franchise is set to return on its 40th anniversary with a new movie to be released in 2018. That unkillable boogeyman Michael Myers will be back once again and, best of all, so will Jamie Lee Curtis as his perennial would-be victim Laurie Strode.

But the news of this sequel has got many scratching their heads as they try to work out how it will fit in with previous movies. Long running horror franchises are often hard to keep up with for even the most ardent of fans, but Halloween‘s history is more convoluted than most. Simply put, the ten films so far split up into five different categories. There’s the original duo, the lone spinoff, the Michael Myers trilogy, the revised sequels and then the remake and its follow-up.

Still lost? No need to worry. We’ve got you covered with this complete breakdown of all of the Halloween movies to date with everything you need to know about the franchise. Read on and get up to speed before the next flick releases on October 19th, 2018.