Halloween Kills Producer Wants To Bring Back This Halloween Character To The Franchise

Halloween Kills producer Ryan Freimann disclosed during a recent interview with Screenrant, the one person he would want to reprise their role in the franchise.

That person in particular is Danielle Harris. Harris, who played the character Jamie Lloyd, was introduced in 1988 in Halloween 4 as Michael Myers’ niece. She is the daughter of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) which is Myers’ younger sister. Harris, at the time, was 11-years-old when she began portraying Lloyd.

The last time she appeared in the franchise as Lloyd was on Halloween 5 before being replaced by J.C Brandy. Brandy made a brief appearance as the character on Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Harris ultimately came back to the franchise in 2007 remake but essentially played Annie Brackett.

Freimann told the publication on Oct. 4 that he would like Harris to return as Myers’ niece but stated that the film’s director and co-writer David Gordon Green and his team will have to make the final decision.

“I think it’s a fine line we walk, and Danielle’s great. She’s been in what, four of the films? So it’s like, she’s been in [a lot of] Halloween films. It’s up to David Gordon Green, his creative team, when they were going through the casting process and the story process.”

“It wasn’t wanting to just shoehorn in all of these Easter eggs and nods. That’s certainly there, but we get hammered anyway we go; too many Easter eggs and too many nods that are fan service, or not enough. So either way we cut it, you’re bound to not have someone pleased at you. I would love to find some way to bring back that character, the Jamie Lloyd character, in some way. It just didn’t fit within the framework of the storyline.”

Despite Freimann expressing his interest in bringing back Harris’ Lloyd character no other additional information have been released. Halloween Kills is set to be released in theaters on October 15th.