Halloween Kills Teaser Reveals First Look At Michael Myers’ Burned Mask


Today, Blumhouse unveiled a new teaser for Halloween Killsjust a little something to apologize to the fans for them having to wait another full year to see it. Given that we won’t be sitting down to watch the sequel for 12 months, we’ve seen a surprising amount of the movie already, and this promo only offered more. For instance, it revealed our first look at Michael Myers in the film, now worse for wear after his tussle with the Strode women in 2018’s Halloween. 

At the 0:24 mark of the video, we get our clearest glimpse of The Shape, and it can be seen that his iconic William Shatner mask is scarred on the left side. This is a result of him being trapped in Laurie’s house, which went up in flames with him inside at the end of the last movie. Laurie’s aim was to let the killer burn with her abode, but the opening scene of Killsrevealed back in July, when the release date changed – teased that fire fighters will unfortunately rescue him. Now he’s got a mangled mask, though, which only adds to his creep factor.

The teaser also revealed our first looks at a trio of characters who faced Michael along with Laurie four decades ago, back in 1978, though one of them has had a face lift. Nancy Stephens and Kyle Richards are back as Marion Chambers and Lindsey Wallace, respectively, while Anthony Michael Hall is taking over the role of Tommy Doyle, who was previously played by Brian Andrews and Paul Rudd, who gave Hall his blessing to portray the part after he had to pull out due to commitments to Ghostbusters: Afterlife. 

The Strodes might’ve thought they’d seen the last of Michael Myers, but if there’s one thing the Halloween franchise has taught us, it’s that you can’t keep him down for long. Well, unless you’re COVID-19.

Halloween Kills will finally hit theaters on October 15th, 2021.