Early Halloween Kills Reaction Says Michael’s Ultra Violent And Brutal


Michael Myers has been through various timelines and incarnations, stabbed, poked in the eye with a sewing needle, shot somewhere between 6 and 500 times, decapitated, kung-fu’d…you name it. Nothing stops him, though. The Shape will get you, much like any good boogeyman would. And apparently, this sentiment is carried through to Halloween Kills, the sequel to the timeline-resetting 2018 Halloween.

Online reactions to a recent test screening have now surfaced and for the most part, they’re incredibly positive. Per a source over at Dark Universe, a horror-dedicated website, who got into a screening of the upcoming gorefest, the film is coming along quite nicely, with some of the highlights including the following:

1. The eerie blue lighting is back.

2. One major character returns.

3. Michael Myers is ultra violent and brutal.

4. The flashback scenes are incredibly well done.

5. The movie is like Halloween on acid. It’s balls to the wall crazy.

6. The movie has some great callbacks to past Halloween films but remains original.

7. The mask used for the Halloween 78 flashback scenes is going to have fans going bonkers.

Meanwhile, people concerned about the inclusion of a flashback, an idea originally toyed with but eventually abandoned for Halloween’18, might be happy with what the source had to say about it:

“The flashback sequence (it’s beefy, but never overstays its welcome – about seven-ten minues [sic]) genuinely impresses, adds to the original in a meaningful way while contextualizing its place in the H’18-Kills cannon [sic]. It’s surprisingly emotional.”

But that’s not all, as in a now-deleted post on Reddit, user TrickyDude98 also posted his reactions to the footage and you can check them out below:

So yeah, it’s all pretty positive so far. And while test screenings can of course be misleading and may not always be representative of what the general public think, we’ve no reason to believe that Halloween Kills won’t be just as good as its predecessor. After all, most of the creative team is back for the sequel and Blumhouse certainly knows what they’re doing with the property at this stage. We’ll find out for sure though when the pic slashes its way into theaters on October 16th.

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