Halloween Kills Will Tie A Special Friday The 13th Record

Halloween Kills

‘Tis the season to be spooky, and our favorite horror icons are taking over everything from streaming services to social media platforms, and probably topics of conversation within your day-to-day life, too. Two of those legends are Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

Between the two killers, you feel immediately unsafe going anywhere from home to summer camp, and that’s the point when it comes to horror. Fans are supposed to feel terrified; it’s why we tune in. We’re supposed to have that sort of dreadful look-over-your-shoulders feeling after we watch something scary, and Michael and Jason are two of the best at breeding that feeling.

So with the newest Halloween film, Halloween Kills, a moment in horror film history brings these two together, just not in the way fans might be hoping. In fact, in a recent interview with CBR, Ryan Freimann noted that fans shouldn’t expect to see a Jason vs. Michael matchup anytime soon.

So just how does the release of Halloween Kills bring the pair together?

The Friday the 13th film franchise currently sits at 12 films after the 2009 remake, and unfortunately, it seems that the story will end there for Jason—at least for the foreseeable future.

There’s an ongoing legal battle surrounding Friday the 13th; it’s actually been a point of conversation within Reddit threads and social media posts with Halloween on the horizon. Fans are hoping that they’ll see more of the hockey-masked killer on the big screen eventually.

With Halloween Kills, Michael Myers gets his 12th film, too, and with the next installment, Halloween Ends—Myers will surpass the legend of Voorhees with a whopping 13 films. In mainstream horror, that’s quite an honor.

You can see Halloween Kills in theaters or on VOD on October 15th.