Halloween: Resurrection Actress Was Held For Ransom By Kidnappers


With each new release, the Halloween movies have continued to draw in audiences with the promise of another round of characters fighting to live through a horrific October night. But it comes as a shock to learn that an actress who played the part of one of Michael Myers’ fictional victims recently suffered through her own real-life traumatic experience.

Daisy McCracken, known for her portrayal of Donna Chang in 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, was kidnapped from her home last May, along with fellow actor Joseph Capone. The two of them were brought by a pair of armed men to a new location and held captive with the demand that McCracken withdrew a sum of $10,000 from her bank. The kidnappers also stole the actress’s 2011 Lexus and subjected the two hostages to cruel, violent treatment.

Capone was reportedly put through an especially brutal ordeal. When the actor tried to protect McCracken from their assailants, he was kicked and beaten, before ultimately being stripped down and kept in a bathtub where he was forced to go 30 hours with no food. After paying the ransom, McCracken was dropped off at her home where she called the police. Fortunately, the law was able to track down the kidnappers and place them under arrest.

As well as featuring in the eighth instalment of the Halloween franchise, McCracken has appeared in episodes of Angel, Jane the Virgin and Cold Case. She’s also been involved in an assortment of other horror films, including 2016’s She Rises and the recent Blumhouse production, Delirium, released last May.

Of course, all this experience in the genre could never prepare someone for the frightening and vicious ordeal that the two actors were made to undergo. We can only hope that justice is properly carried out, and that Daisy McCracken and Joseph Capone are both making a recovery.