Han Solo Movie May Be Casting A Non-White Female Lead; Could It Be Sana Solo?


We recently learned that the upcoming Han Solo movie may be about to cast a young Lando Calrissian, and it now seems as if the Phil Lord and Chris Miller film is also seeking a non-white female lead. The news comes from a Tweet posted by Mashable’s Jeff Sneider, and should probably just be taken as a rumour for now until we hear something a tad more concrete.

According to him, the Han Solo search for a female lead “was down to 4 girls…and they weren’t white.” That’s interesting for a number of reasons. Not only will it point to the Star Wars Universe continuing to get even more diverse, but there’s a very good chance that we already know who this character is.


Looking at the recently released – and very much in canon – Star Wars comic book series from Marvel, this could very well be Sana Solo/Sana Starros, a woman who “married” Han as part of their cover for a heist they pulled off at some point in his past. Sana took the vows a little too seriously though and later tracked down Han (and Leia) following the events of A New Hope.

It’s obviously far too soon to assume that Sana is the female lead referenced above, but it would be a nice bit of connectivity on Lucasfilm’s part. They closely monitor everything that happens in the comics (and all new tie-in material), so the character returning for the still untitled Han Solo movie isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Source: Slash Film