Harrison Ford Reportedly Loses It At Indiana Jones Fans Waiting For Autographs

Harrison Ford

One of the many reasons why people love Harrison Ford is that he’s an unfiltered and often very cranky old man, and doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore. The actor was trending as recently as this year’s Academy Awards, when he used his time presenting the Best Editing trophy to blast Warner Bros. for their initial reactions to Blade Runner, one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.

His general apathy towards Star Wars has also become the stuff of legend, and you can’t help but laugh at how obvious Ford makes it that he’s got no interest whatsoever in answering questions about Han Solo, unless he’s promoting something directly tied to the franchise. However, his purported short fuse has generated a little negativity, after reports began making the rounds that the big screen legend had snapped at a group of Indiana Jones fans waiting for autographs and pictures outside of his hotel.

Of course, as a 78-year-old man shooting a mega-budget blockbuster in the midst of a pandemic, the story does detail that Ford’s management told the assembled throng in advance that he wouldn’t be signing anything or posing for pictures due to his status as being part of the vulnerable age group, so he hardly left anyone disappointed seeing as they were warned ahead of time.

So many set photos have been making the rounds since Indiana Jones 5 started shooting that you can guarantee for a fact that Ford has been getting hounded by the paparazzi everywhere he goes, and he’s right in refusing to get up close and personal with his supporters when Disney and Lucasfilm are investing a massive amount of money into the project, and the last thing they need is a production shutdown.