‘Harry Potter’ fans detest the easiest possible sequel that HBO could bring to life

Harry Potter
Photo via Warner Bros

Fans prepare themselves for the possibility that Harry Potter may continue after Warner Bro’s Discovery’s announcement to produce more films in the franchise. However, there is one Harry Potter story that currently exists that doesn’t have a screen adaptation as of late, and fans are not keen to see it come to life once more.

Reddit user u/Senstitive-Yoghurt simply asked on r/HarryPotter if they’d watched a Harry Potter film based on the play, The Curse Child. Unfortunately, not everyone is keen to see this play come to life as it wasn’t their favorite Harry Potter story.

A majority of the responses were predominately a strong ‘no’. They rather see this series out of the official Harry Potter canon after J.K. Rowling said so after the success of the play received. Fans rather forget the stage play ever existed and that there wasn’t an eighth installment to Harry’s story.

Despite the backlash, fans have thrown ideas of other possible stories they’d like to see if Warner Bros decided to milk this cash cow even more. Some possibilities include a show about the Mauraders, a slice-of-life series with the Weasleys, or anyone that’s not Harry Potter. Give the spotlight to other characters in the Wizarding World, especially since the franchise introduced other Ministries of Magic in other countries.

It hasn’t been announced what type of Harry Potter or Wizarding World movie would be next on Warner Bro’s production block. However, it has been confirmed in the past that Daniel Radcliffe isn’t interested in reprising the role if given the chance. So if Radcliffe isn’t coming back to the franchise, maybe there is hope that Warner Bros and J.K. Rowling would explore other characters.