Hawkeye Is Making Fans Remember The MCU’s First Christmas Story — Iron Man 3

Iron Man Tony Stark

The Hawkeye trailer finally dropped yesterday, and Marvel fans went crazy for it as it promised that the incoming TV series will be a full-throttle action/adventure show with lots of Christmas cheer. With the eight-part season premiering this November, it’s perfectly timed to offer Marvel lovers a festive treat. But, don’t forget, this isn’t the first time an MCU production has been set during the holidays. That honor goes to 2013’s Iron Man 3.

Over the past day, Iron Man 3 has been getting a lot of renewed appreciation and attention on social media as Hawkeye‘s Christmas setting has got fans thinking back to the closer to the Robert Downey Jr. trilogy. The trailer quickly drew comparisons to Die Hard but one fan accurately pointed out that it actually owes more of a debt to Shane Black’s film.

We love to see it.

Some are hoping for even more of a Christmassy vibe from Hawkeye than IM3.

Others are banking on Hawkeye being more popular than the controversial movie.

Then again, Iron Man 3 does have a lot of defenders out there, and they’re not sure Hawkeye will top it.


While the MCU has given us Iron Man 3 and now Hawkeye, don’t forget that DC has Batman Returns and Shazam!.

Christmas and superheroes just work so well. More, please!

Hawkeye will see Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) having his plans to spend some quality time with his family over the holidays nixed when he encounters his biggest fan, 22-year-old archer prodigy Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), and the pair become embroiled in a dangerous adventure as a mysterious presence from Clint’s past reappears in his life. Vera Farmiga, Alaqua Cox, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, and Florence Pugh are also in the cast.

Hawkeye debuts on Disney Plus this November 24th.