Hayden Panettiere May Be Teasing A Return In Scream 5


The Scream movie franchise has laid dormant for the past few years and rightly so, following the passing of director Wes Craven, but it seems that now’s the right time for it to return to the big screen. Scream 5 has been confirmed to be in the works and is expected to be the beginning of a new trilogy, but it’s possible that it’ll pick up some plot threads from 2011’s Scream 4 as well. And maybe even feature at least one character introduced in that movie.

That’s what fans are thinking now after S4 star Hayden Panettiere seemingly teased a second go-around with Ghostface. Recently, the actress took to social media to show off her new look, which she compared to the hairstyle she sported as her character Kirby Reed in the horror flick. “Channeling my inner #Kirby #Scream 4,” she wrote in her caption. This could be as far as it goes, but Scream lovers can’t help but wonder if Kirby is set to return.

Of course, last time we saw Kirby, things weren’t looking good for her, as she was stabbed in the stomach by Rory Culkin’s Charlie, revealing him to be one of the killers. Her death wasn’t 100% confirmed, though, and other characters have lived through similar injuries in previous films. So, it’s feasible that she could be brought back for Scream 5. Maybe she went on to receive the fame that Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) craved for being the only survivor of the attacks?

It’s believed that other veterans of the franchise will be back for Scream 5too. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette are all likely to return once again but this time they’ll probably take supporting roles as a new generation of leads take over, in a bid to relaunch the series for a fresh audience. Chalk that up as speculation for now, but hopefully everything will become a bit clearer in the new year.