HBO Max Boss Explains What Gives Them The Edge Over Netflix

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WarnerMedia’s chief executive Jason Kilar has recently discussed one important advantage that their streaming service HBO Max has over industry leader Netflix.

While the latter’s huge success in the field is what compelled other companies to follow suit in the first place, competitors like Disney+, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max are currently doing their best to give Netflix a fight. This has especially become apparent amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With people staying indoors and turning to on-demand services for entertainment, the value of streaming platforms is steadily increasing. But with the numbers alone, Netflix currently occupies the throne.

After all, they have the biggest and most immersive library of films, TV shows, and documentaries out there. Not to mention that their originals have been globally recognized. But Kilar doesn’t seem to think that that’s the case. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, here’s what he had to say when asked about what gives them the advantage over Netflix:

“Quality. When I first joined the company, I did this introduction video from my garage to say hello. I got announced on April 1 and didn’t start until May 4,” He said. “I did my best to allow people to see a face with the name. And I did a two-minute video to introduce myself and explain why I made the decision to join the company. The first thing I said was ‘quality bar.’

We all have quality bars. When I think about Casey Bloys, Toby Emmerich and Peter Roth, the thing that’s consistent among their teams and their people is where they place the quality bar, which I’d argue is just a cut above.”

HBO Max currently houses content from Adult Swim, TBS, TNT, and Warner Bros.’ rich library of classic films and other recent ventures, including the DCEU titles, so it’s no surprise that Kilar is confident in their brand. The platform has also managed to pull both The Big Bang Theory and Friends from Netflix, which has made their offer all the more compelling considering how popular the two sitcoms are.

Do you agree with the CEO and his perspective, though? And do you think that their rival has sacrificed quality in their originals to produce more content? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below.