Hear Emma Watson Sing “Something There” For Beauty And The Beast

We’ve seen Emma Watson act before. Several times, in fact. But we’ve never seen the young actress sing — until now, that is. Thanks to Disney’s 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, we’ll get to see (or, more appropriately, hear) if Ms. Hermoine Granger herself can belt out a tune as nicely as she can act. Ahead of the film’s release in March though, we’ve got a quick answer to that question thanks to a newly released recording.

The clip comes to us via co-producer Jack Morrissey’s Instagram account and is recorded from the tie-in toy, which should be hitting Toys ‘R’ Us shelves any day – or any second — now. To get a taste of what’s to come from the upcoming film/soundtrack, take a look/listen below.

Like the 1992 animated film, Beauty and the Beast will be a full-out, full-stop musical, so this is truly just a little tiny sliver of what’s in the new Disney blockbuster. There will be a whole collection of songs found in this updated interpretation, and one guesses it’ll be a mix of new and old tunes.

As for this clip, it’s hard to fully judge the actress’ voice based on this abbreviated soundbite alone, and it also doesn’t help that it’s coming from a toy, not the actual flesh-and-blood lady that’ll sing it in the new film. Nevertheless, it seems that Watson has a pretty lovely voice and we’ll look forward to hearing/seeing more when Beauty and the Beast roars into theaters on March 17, 2017.