Helstrom Rumored For MCU Reboot As The Son Of An Incoming Villain

When Disney first outlined their intentions to purchase Fox, followed by Kevin Feige’s admission that none of the previous TV shows would be regarded as official Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, the writing was pretty much instantly on the wall for Hulu’s Helstrom.

After all, the Mouse House were poised to drastically increase their stake in the platform when the deal was completed, and Marvel Studios had already laid out plans for an expansive roster of streaming exclusives, which left the supernatural comic book show in a difficult predicament, with the creative team surely fully aware that their days were numbered before the first season had even aired.

It didn’t help that Helstrom was widely panned by critics when it finally launched in October of last year, too, and it’s never a good sign when the most praised aspect of any series is the visual effects. Sure enough, less than two months after debuting with very little buzz having been generated, the plug was officially pulled.


However, tipster Mikey Sutton is now claiming that Helstrom could wind up being rebooted and absorbed into the main MCU timeline, albeit with some changes to his origin story. Sutton says that whenever Mephisto is introduced in the franchise, he’ll be positioned as the father of the character nicknamed the Son of Satan, which admittedly makes sense when Mephisto is pretty much Marvel’s take on the Devil.

There were rumors that Evan Peters had been cast as Mephisto when he boarded WandaVision, but that clearly doesn’t appear to be the case, and given that Sutton has reported on numerous occasions that Marvel is looking into the idea of developing a slate of horror-themed small screen projects, the Helstrom/Mephisto connection certainly makes sense.