Marvel Reportedly Developing Tomb Of Dracula Show


Most causal Marvel fans will be aware of cult favorite comic book series The Tomb of Dracula as the title that introduced Blade and his various supporting characters into the mythology, but the 70-issue run was also one of the weirdest imprints in the company’s history. Between 1972 and 1979, readers would find the heroes battling against a myriad of supernatural threats including the Count himself and werewolves, as well as guest stars like Spider-Man, the X-Men and even Howard the Duck.

It doesn’t seem like the sort of property that could be easily adapted and reinvented to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but tipster Mikey Sutton claims that the studio is looking to develop a number of R-rated shows for Hulu that would lean into horror territory, and this is said to be one of them. Former head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb was reportedly planning something similar, with Sutton indicating that his successor and CCO Kevin Feige is interested in now reviving the concept.

Over the next couple of years, Disney will acquire Comcast’s share in Hulu to give them 100% ownership, which could in theory provide the ideal incentive to create R-rated content that wouldn’t fit the family-friendly Disney Plus, and relying on the Marvel brand to draw people in would certainly be a smart marketing tactic.

Sutton also hints, though, that the proposed Tomb of Dracula series would tie in with the Blade reboot, which makes sense from a storytelling perspective, even if the timescales are going to be way off. After all, Disney’s theatrical schedule has seemingly confirmed that Mahershala Ali’s Daywalker will return before Captain Marvel 2 arrives, and there’s a very good chance that none of these theoretical Hulu projects will even exist by the middle of 2022, never mind be ready for the big screen.