Here’s How Henry Cavill Could Look As The MCU’s Captain Britain


Most signs are pointing to Henry Cavill having donned Superman’s cape for the final time in the DCEU, much to the sadness of Man of Steel fans everywhere. There’s a strong hope in the community that, if DC doesn’t want to work with him anymore, then maybe Marvel Studios will find a new role for the actor in the MCU. But who would be the perfect character for Cavill to play? Maybe a hero who shares his native English accent for a change.

Yes, Cavill would be absolutely perfect as Captain Britain and if you don’t believe me, just check out this awesome fan art from Instagram user ApexForm below which imagines the Justice League star swapping the Kryptonian symbol for hope for the Union Jack.

“If WB and DC unfortunately doesn’t want to keep an actor of his caliber than I know @marvelstudios will gladly utilize his talents,” the artist said in his caption explaining his fan casting choice. “And I think he’d be a great Captain Britain.”

ApexForm’s post has over 400 likes, so clearly a lot of people must agree, and Marvel Studios might be among them. We Got This Covered recently heard from our sources that Kevin Feige’s considering Cavill for the role of Brian Braddock. Following Kit Harington’s introduction as Black Knight in The Eternals, it’s thought that more British superheroes could be on the way. Captain B, in particular, may appear in an Excalibur movie that’s said to be in early development.

As for Superman, the latest word is pointing to Warner Bros. working on a reboot with J.J. Abrams attached. The Star Wars director is rumored to be on the hunt for a new actor to play Clark Kent, one’s who’s closer in age to Robert Pattinson’s Batman. But could DC’s loss be Marvel’s gain? Maybe if the fans keep campaigning for Henry Cavill to play Captain Britain online it might actually happen.