Henry Cavill Becomes Marvel’s Sentry In Awesome MCU Fan Art

The Sentry

It’s not officially confirmed, but it’s looking likely that Henry Cavill has played Superman for the last time in the DCEU. As he only got to portray the Man of Steel three times, though, and arguably never reached his full potential in the role, there’s a lot of hope from superhero fans that he gets to find himself another part in the comic book movie genre. Mostly, folks want to see him join the MCU. And if that was to happen, what character would make more sense than the Sentry?

As the hero is something like Marvel’s twisted answer to Superman, Cavill could be the perfect person to bring Robert Reynolds to life in the MCU. And if you can’t see it, check out this epic fan art below which casts him in the role, complete with yellow and blue costume, oversized belt and blonde hair. The piece comes from digital artist Apex Form, as shared by ScreenRant.

Another Marvel character we’d like to see Cavill play is Captain Britain, which would finally allow him to portray a superhero with his natural English accent. Given that Kit Harington is starring in The Eternals as the MCU’s first British hero, it stands to reason that Brian Braddock can’t be far behind. And, according to WGTC’s sources, Cavill is one name on the studio’s wishlist to play him. One 4chan rumor also points to the actor having met with Marvel in secret to discuss an unknown role, which could be Braddock.

As for the Sentry, Discussing Film reported back in May that he’s under consideration for the live-action treatment, too. With a convoluted comic book history – just to give you a taste, his nemesis is the Void, a projection of his own dark side – he may prove difficult to tackle in the MCU. But nowadays, anything seems possible for Marvel Studios, so who knows?