Henry Cavill Reportedly Still Wants A Chance To Prove Himself As Superman


By the time 2021 is out, Henry Cavill will officially become the longest-tenured live-action Superman in history, eclipsing the record set by Christopher Reeve, who was cast in Richard Donner’s classic original in 1977, and made his final appearance as the Big Blue Boy Scout in the disastrous Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, which hit the big screen in July 1987.

Cavill was first announced to be playing Zack Snyder’s rebooted Kryptonian in Janurary 2011, so he’s just a few months away from breaking Reeve’s record, but he’s still only had three outings in the costume, which is a very poor return for someone that’s been under contract for so long. Things got off to a great start when Man of Steel rocketed to $668 million at the box office, but ever since then, Cavill has been relegated to the sidelines.

Ben Affleck took top billing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as getting the majority of the screen time and character development, while Cavill’s role in the theatrical edition of Justice League was nothing more than a glorified cameo, although he’ll be getting a much more substantial arc when the Snyder Cut premieres tomorrow.

It can’t have been easy for The Witcher star to land a potentially career-defining part at the age of 27, only to sit on the sidelines as the DCEU continues to expand without him. And insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Cavill is still pushing for Warner Bros. to give him the opportunity to prove himself as Superman, but it’s not clear how that could even happen given that the next standalone outing is a reboot and it’s hard to prove yourself exclusively with cameo appearances. That being said, the fans would love to see it, and it’s about time the actor was allowed to show us what he can really bring to the part when the shackles are off.