Henry Cavill Reportedly Has A Likeability Problem With Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill

Since the news broke yesterday that J.J. Abrams is producing a Superman reboot for Warner Bros., there’s unsurprisingly been an onslaught of rumors and speculation making the rounds.

Is Henry Cavill done as the Man of Steel? Will the next big screen Superman be played by a black actor? Is Michael B. Jordan the frontrunner? Will Abrams direct? Is this the top secret project that Cavill was teasing the other day? The answer to all of these questions, and many more, is that we don’t know.

What we do know, though, is that the script is coming from acclaimed author and comic book writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, and that’s pretty much it. Even in the original article that broke the news, there was no confirmation or denial of Cavill’s involvement, but everyone was operating under the impression that the DCEU’s canonical Superman had extended his contract last summer, while he’s publicly said on several occasions that he plans on playing the character for years to come.

Insider Grace Randolph is now claiming, however, that Cavill has a likeability problem at Warner Bros., which has left him out in the cold as Superman. By all accounts, he comes across in public and on social media as a wholesome, prim and proper British gentleman, but Randolph says his unwillingness to play the political game has made him unpopular in certain circles behind the scenes.

That doesn’t sound much like a likeability problem, but there has to be some reason why WB have kept him under contract for over a decade without giving a Man of Steel sequel any sort of serious consideration. In any case, until we hear directly from either Henry Cavill, his representatives or the studio, he’s still technically part of the DCEU for now.