Henry Cavill Reportedly Still Trying To Pitch WB His Take On Superman


Henry Cavill has still yet to publicly comment on J.J. Abrams rebooting Superman without him, and until the actor comes out and makes his stance known, the speculation will only continue to intensify. All we know so far is that Cavill is busy shooting season 2 of The Witcher and he’s got another mystery project in the works that may or may not be a live-action adaptation of Mass Effect, with his DCEU future once again unclear.

We went through the exact same thing last summer, of course, when there was widespread talk that he’d either quit or been fired as the franchise’s resident Kryptonian, only for him to sign a new contract, albeit one that reportedly doesn’t include the option for a Man of Steel sequel. Cavill has no doubt made peace with the fact that he’s not getting his own multi-film series by this point, because if Warner Bros. had wanted it to happen, then we’d have seen it by now.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the actor is still pitching the top brass with Superman-related ideas, in an effort to at least try and explore the character a bit further in a future project. Up until now, he’s been relegated to the sidelines in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the theatrical edition of Justice League, so we don’t exactly have a great picture of who the DCEU’s Clark Kent really is because we’ve hardly spent any time with him at all.

As a lifelong Superman fan that’s been under contract for over a decade, you’d have thought the boardroom would at least be open to hearing what he’s got to say, but Christopher McQuarrie revealed that it didn’t take long for WB to dismiss his pitch for a solo sequel, which he’d worked on with the leading man himself. As such, Cavill might continue to find his pleas falling on deaf ears.