Henry Cavill Reportedly Still Returning As Superman Despite Highlander Role

The Superman speculation continues, with a new report saying Henry Cavill is still attatched to the role despite the Highlander gig.

Though some may not agree, there probably wasn’t a good live-action Superman movie until Man of Steel came along. The Christopher Reeve films are iconic, sure, but they’re also a bit slow, cheesy and have a decent amount of unfunny slapstick. With Zack Snyder’s aforementioned effort, though, we finally got to see Supes done right and while it wasn’t a universally beloved movie upon release, it’s now firmly on its way to being critically rehabilitated.

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So, it’s certainly a shame that we never received a Man of Steel 2. Batman v Superman and Justice League may’ve continued the story of Snyder’s Superman, but another solo adventure for the character would’ve been great to see. We are getting a reboot from director J.J. Abrams and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, but what the fans really want is for Henry Cavill to suit up again and headline his own movie. Will it ever happen, though?

No one knows the answer to that except maybe Warner Bros. themselves, but the rumor mill continues to churn, with one conflicting report after another emerging on an almost daily basis. And the latest bit of intel comes from Geekosity.

The outlet is claiming this weekend that despite Cavill recently signing on to lead the Highlander reboot, he’s still very much set to return as the iconic DC hero one day. They don’t go on to state when, where or how he’ll make his comeback as the Big Blue Boy Scout, but according to their sources, his new gig isn’t “the nail in the coffin for his Superman.”

That being said, it’ll probably be a while yet before Cavill suits up as the Man of Steel again, if he even does at all. But if Geekosity is to be believed, then fans can at least look forward to seeing more from him at some point in the DCEU.

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