Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Done As The DCEU’s Superman


It’s been rumored for the longest time, but it looks like it’s now coming true. Following his major exclusive deal with Warner Bros., J.J. Abrams is producing a Superman reboot for DC, with Marvel Comics writer Ta-Nehisi Coates providing the script. The term “reboot” immediately suggests Henry Cavill will be replaced as the Man of Steel and while a recasting wasn’t outright stated in the original scoop by Deadline, additional intel is pointing to just that being the case.

Giant Freakin Robot and insider Grace Randolph have shared that reliable sources have informed them that Cavill is indeed out as the main Superman of the DCEU. However, the former does state that, while he’s no longer the prime version of the hero, the franchise’s expansion into the multiverse leaves the door open for him to make a small cameo in The Flash. For instance, Robert Pattinson is the new main Batman but Ben Affleck will still appear in the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie.

That said, GFR does remind us that The Flash will likely rewrite the DCEU, consolidating multiple continuities into one, much like The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” So, former stars like Affleck and very likely Cavill probably won’t have a chance to show up again after the Ezra Miller vehicle. But given the British actor’s many other commitments – including The Witcher and Enola Holmes for Netflix and possibly the lead in the Mass Effect cinematic universe, too – it’s not like he’s going to be short on work.

THR’s Borys Kit has also stated that Warner Bros. is looking to cast a black actor to take over the role from Cavill, something they’ve been interested in exploring for a couple of years now. Michael B. Jordan was heavily linked to star in an earlier version of the reboot, so it seems like a solid bet that the Black Panther actor could be our next Supes, which would be the sixth cinematic incarnation overall.

At least Henry Cavill will appear as Superman – maybe one last time – in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, hitting HBO Max on March 18th.