Henry Cavill Reportedly Told WB It’s Now Or Never About Bringing Him Back

Henry Cavill

In the three months and change since J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates were first announced to be rebooting Superman for Warner Bros., Henry Cavill has signed on to reprise his role as the title heroine’s famous big brother in Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2, become the latest name to attach themselves to John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski’s Highlander, and kindly asked his fans to stop speculating on his personal and professional life.

That’s the official word on the street direct from the man himself, but it’s done nothing to dampen the rampant rumors making the rounds on an almost daily basis about potential film and television roles for the 38 year-old, as well as his future as the DCEU’s canonical Kal-El. A great deal of these reports have come from insider Daniel Richtman, of course, and we’re literally talking dozens upon dozens of projects, contracts, demands, wishes and desires regarding Cavill’s upcoming schedule.

So, the latest from the tipster that The Witcher star is telling Warner Bros. that it’s now or never in regards to his return as Superman should be taken with a pinch of salt like all the rest, until it’s either corroborated by Cavill or the studio. After all, looking at the facts, that decision wouldn’t even be his to make given that his contract contains an option for at least one more appearance as the Big Blue Boy Scout, so if WB comes calling, he’s legally obligated to answer, unless they want to put him out of his misery and pay him off.

In any case, the talk of Henry Cavill and Superman isn’t going to go away until we find out for sure what his next move is, but the volume of chatter has been so overwhelming that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to try and separate the theoretical wheat from the hypothetical chaff. Though at least we can always cling on to the glimmer of hope that he’s still technically employed as a member of the DCEU.