Henry Cavill Reportedly Wants To Join As Many Franchises As Possible To Stick It To WB

Henry Cavill

One of Henry Cavill‘s very first feature film roles came as part of a franchise, but not many people will remember his turn as Mike in 2005’s Hellraiser: Hellworld. Since then, the actor has experienced both his highest highs and lowest lows as part of the multi-film business.

He headlined the movie that launched the DCEU in Man of Steel, and then suited up twice more for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, but the SnyderVerse is now as good as dead and we’re still no closer to that solo sequel, despite Cavill still having at least one film left on his deal with Warner Bros.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was more than deserving of another adventure or two but the box office returns killed that idea, while Mission: Impossible – Fallout is one of the best action blockbusters of the last decade. A hit-or-miss track record hasn’t deterred him in the slightest, though, after we heard from our sources – the same ones who told us the Snyder Cut of Justice League was heading to HBO Max long before it was made official – that Cavill wants to either build or board as many franchises as he can, partly to prove his leading man credentials to Warner Bros. and “stick it to them.”

On that front, things are looking pretty good. As well as Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2, the streamer clearly have big things in store for The Witcher, while he’s also attached to the long-gestating Highlander reboot and Matthew Vaughn’s spy thriller Argylle, which is intended to launch an entire shared universe. Throw in the constant James Bond speculation and there’s a solid foundation in place, and that’s without even knowing what else he’s got up his sleeve.