Here Are The Korean Horror Films To Watch After Finishing Squid Game


Korean TV and Cinema have exploded in popularity since the launch of Squid Game earlier this month. The series that took the world by storm has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, which we’ll all be hoping is a trend that’ll continue when an eventual second season launches.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other Korean horror gems to get you through and thanks to Netflix, finding them has been made extremely easy. NetflixFilm shared to their Twitter a list of other horror films that fans should add to their watch list this spooky season.

There’s something for every kind of horror fan, and the perfect title for Squid Game fans is Svaha: The Sixth Finger. This film follows a pastor who is investigating a murder surrounded by a religious cult. Leading the cast in this horror film is Lee Jung-jae, the main character of Squid Game.

Other recommendations include the Zombie flick #Alive, apocalypse movie The 8th Night, and the return of an abducted brother who doesn’t seem quite themselves in Forgotten.

If you’re more into action but with a horror spin, then check out The Witch: Part 1 for some supernatural John Wick-esque action. More fantasy with The Host, time-traveling horror action in The Call, or Train to Busan, a fan favorite zombie flick.

There are plenty of recommendations from Netflix to check out whether it be in time for Halloween or just to bridge the gap until more Squid Game is finally aired.