Here’s How Henry Cavill Could Look As The MCU’s Wolverine

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

If Henry Cavill isn’t careful, he might end up gaining something of a reputation for only playing well-known characters that originated on the printed page. Not only has he recently extended his contract as the DCEU’s Superman, which will take him past the ten-year mark as the Big Blue Boy Scout, but he can also be found headlining one of the most popular TV shows on the planet thanks to his role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s smash hit The Witcher.

On top of that, when you consider that he instantly became the focal point of the streaming service’s Enola Holmes when the first trailer debuted earlier this week, fans might even start pushing for his Sherlock to get a spinoff of his own. Even in his younger days he played mythical hero Theseus in fantasy actioner Immortals, lost out to Daniel Craig when Casino Royale was rebooting Bond and also found himself linked with Batman Begins before Christian Bale suited up for Christopher Nolan.

Even with Superman and The Witcher on the horizon, the 37 year-old’s supporters have still pitched him as a potential candidate to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wolverine on numerous occasions, and some new fan art from Daniel Savage now imagines how he could look in the role.

Hugh Jackman always managed to get into incredible shape when it came to playing Wolverine, but Cavill is one of the few actors out there who looks like he could comfortably eat the previous version of Logan for breakfast and still have room for seconds. Unfortunately, however, it seems pretty unlikely that we’ll see him growing out his sideburns and jumping ship to the MCU, especially when his facial hair already caused enough problems for Justice League.