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Here’s What Robert Downey Jr. Would Look Like As Batman

The esteemed BossLogic has rendered MCU veteran Robert Downey Jr. as the World's Greatest Detective, just to switch things up.

Following 10 years of Marvel blockbusters and instantly quotable one-liners (“we have a Hulk”), Robert Downey Jr. has truly cemented his place as the beating heart of the MCU.

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For many, he is Tony Stark, and it’s often difficult to distinguish where Iron Man ends and Robert Downey Jr. begins. It’s a credit to Marvel’s casting department, then, that film fans soon fell in love with RDJ’s portrayal of Stark, a character who has since graduated to become the franchise’s brooding father figure (see: Spider-Man: Homecoming), as opposed to its reckless wildcard.

But what if things panned out differently? What if Robert Downey Jr. was elected to become the poster child for Hollywood’s other major comic book franchise – Worlds of DC? That alternate reality is projected onto the following canvas, thanks to some deft work by the inimitable Boss Logic.

Yes, it’s Robert Downey Jr. as the World’s Greatest Detective – Batman. And you can see it for yourself down in the gallery below, which also includes some of the artist’s previous superhero swaps.

From an artistic standpoint, it’s another incredible piece from Boss Logic, but given how well suited Robert Downey Jr. is to the role of Tony Stark, it’s hard to imagine him donning the cape and cowl as Gotham’s Dark Knight. For one, he’d have to tone down that sarcastic charm that Iron Man is known for, all the while adopting a gruff, hardened exterior so as to properly capture the spirit of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego. And, frankly, that doesn’t sound very appealing.

Back in the realm of reality, though, and RDJ is gearing up for what will undoubtedly be the most-talked-about comic book movie event of 2019 – Avengers 4. Word is the first teaser trailer will be with us next week (November 28th, perhaps?), so keep your peepers peeled.