Here’s the complete ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ voice cast and characters

dc league of super-pets

DC League of Super-Pets is one of the year’s most anticipated family films. Based on the powerful pets of the DC universe, the movie has fans excited due to its very unique take on the comic book movie format and due to its massive, all-star voice cast that features some unexpected names working together. 

So if you’re trying to place that voice you heard, here is the complete voice cast for DC League of Super-Pets.

What is DC League of Super-Pets About?

DC League of Super-Pets follows Krypto, Superman’s superpowered pet dog. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League get captured, Krypto assembles a team of superpowered shelter pets to save the Justice League and the entire city. 

Who is in the DC League of Super-Pets cast?

 DC League of Super-Pets has a massive voice cast featuring many legendary actors who are making their comic book movie debuts alongside several family movie voice-acting mainstays. 

The Superpets 

The main characters are the Superpets, a series of animals who get superpowers and head out to save the day. The two starring animals, Krypto and Ace, are played by the proven pairing of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. 

The Superpets will be played by: 

  • Krypto – Dwayne Johnson 
  • Ace – Kevin Hart 
  • PB – Vanessa Bayer
  • Merton McSnurtle – Natasha Lyonne
  • Chip – Diego Luna

The Justice League 

The Justice League is DC Comics’ core superhero team. And over the years, the team’s members have been played by many different performers. Interestingly, the Justice League in this film is played by a new mixture of performers distinct from the recent live-action movies and DCs current animated offerings. 

This film will see Keanu Reeves’ debut as Batman, and John Krasinski, hot off his role as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, will jump into the shoes of another classic hero. As he voices Superman. 

The Justice League will be played by: 

  • Superman – John Krasinski 
  • Batman – Keanu Reeves
  • Wonder Woman – Jameela Jamil 
  • Aquaman – Jemaine Clement 
  • The Flash – John Early
  • Cyborg- Daveed Diggs
  • Green Lantern – Dascha Polanco

The Villains

  • Lex Luthor – Marc Maron
  • Lulu – Kate McKinnon


  • Lois Lane – Olivia Wilde
  • Corgi – David Pressman

Confirmed Actors Without Currently Named Roles

Two actors have been confirmed to be voicing characters in the film, but their specific role has not been announced. It is unknown if these will be key roles or simply quick cameos. The currently announced actors are: 

  • Ben Schwartz
  • Thomas Middleditch