Hidden 90s horror gem finds a second lease of life on streaming

Split Second
Image: Amazon Prime

The 90s were filled with nostalgic genre films in horror, action, comedy, romance, and children, most of which are now completely forgotten by time and by fans. However, thanks to streaming services a lot of these films are finding their comeback easier than ever before.

Just like this hidden 1992 gem starring Rutger Hauer, and Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall, Split Second is described as an action thriller where Detective Harley Stone, played by Hauer, must hunt down a serial killer that he has a personal vendetta against, but what he finds out is that this killer may not be human after all. Taking place in a futuristic flooded London, the movie turns into a cat and mouse hunting game between killer and detective.

While the film itself looks anything but a box office smash it has recently garnered a lot of attention from horror fans online, some describing it as the Spawn film that didn’t have the rights to Spawn. Others praised it as a fun monster flick where the monster finally gets to shoot a futuristic gun. However, no matter how you feel about cheesy 90s films, Split Second guarantees that you are in for one hell of a ride. Check out the trailer below for yourself.

Reviewed as Blade Runner meets Alien, this is the perfect film for anyone wanting to make a trip down nostalgia lane. If you need more convincing, here’s some takes from Reddit users that recently viewed this hidden cheese-guaranteed film.

Split Second is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.